Who we are

Refugee families enter the United States overwhelmed with circumstances and an unpredictable future. Some families have been in transit for years, denying their kids health care and education. To help with this transition, we create job opportunities for women so they can work from the comfort of their homes helping them resettle. As a mission first company we do not ask for donations nor do we use charity as a marketing ploy. 100% of our revenue is directed back into the company to hire and assist more refugees.

What we do

We train and hire women through refugee resettlement agencies such as the I.R.C (International Rescue Committee) and the Catholic Charities, we enable them to work in a safe environment and contribute to their families and society. We attune the logistics for each individual to work past their challenges, e.g. transportation, hours, skill level, language and inhibitions.


Carefully hand embroidered by women. Made with love ❤️#jointhetribe


Our products

Every hand embroidered t-shirt is a representation of the woman who embroiders it, giving her back independence and dignity. Re-energizing the timeless craft of hand embroidery, every t-shirt is symbolic of women expressing freedom-transcending issues of conflict, abuse and women’s rights. Working with local mills and factories in DTLA also allows us to have control over quality and logistics.

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